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Campaign FAQs

What are the priorities for The Rising Tide 2.0 Capital Campaign?

The four Campaign pillars represent the University’s most prominent strengths to leverage the greatest return on investment:

Scholarships, Fellowships and Programming for Undergraduate and Graduate Students: New endowed scholarships and fellowships alleviate obstacles and provide opportunities for leadership development and experiential learning to produce our next generation of dynamic leaders and determined innovators.

Research and Endowed Faculty Positions: Exceptional faculty drive students’ academic success, leading discovery of transformational truths and technologies while reinforcing the University’s rise as a world-class leader in higher education.

Facilities and Campus Enhancements: The University of Alabama boasts one of the most recognizably beautiful campuses in the country. The University’s labs, studios and classrooms provide the best in industry-leading tools and technologies, granting the space for creative innovation that drives our research standing and winning school rankings.

The Crimson Standard: There is no greater place on campus with the power to unleash the passion of our community and fans than our sports arenas. Through The Crimson Standard, nearly every Athletics facility will be upgraded. Additionally, program support and student-athlete scholarships funded by The Crimson Standard ensure our students an immersive college experience that lays the foundation for an even stronger future.

How were the priorities established?

The Rising Tide 2.0 Capital Campaign priorities were established following an extensive number of meetings and interviews held during 2019. Town hall meetings were open to all UA faculty, staff and students, and presentations were made to the Faculty Senate, Professional Staff Assembly and Student Government Association. The president, vice presidents, deans, alumni and parent representatives were interviewed, and additional collaborative sessions were held. Following this process, and in alignment with the University’s strategic plan, the campaign priorities were established.

What is the financial goal of the Campaign?

Based on extensive research and the vision of UA’s leaders and donors, The Rising Tide 2.0 Capital Campaign has a working goal of $1.8 billion in gift commitments — the largest fundraising goal to date for any university in the state. Of course, the true goal of the Campaign is the impact of the philanthropic support on our students and faculty as the University’s priorities are reached.

Why are we doing the Capital Campaign now?

Significant funds must be raised for The University of Alabama to continue as an exceptional public university, elevated further among national and international audiences. The University of Alabama is poised and ready to embark on a comprehensive endeavor that enhances our areas of strength in ways that position the University for new levels of distinction and higher rankings. Now more than ever, it is time for all of our stakeholders to renew their collective investment in the Capstone. The Rising Tide 2.0 Capital Campaign is designed to engage our alumni and friends to help shape and ensure our future impact on the state and the country, as well as the world. This will all be accomplished through a University-wide Capital Campaign that will unite where we have been with where we are going. It is our legacy to carry our united momentum toward this goal, elevating the University to its greatest heights and watching with pride as the next generation carries it further. This Campaign will help guarantee the University remains one of the nation’s leading public institutions of higher learning — one that transforms the lives of our students and contributes to the well-being of society in general.

Is The Crimson Standard separate from The Rising Tide Capital Campaign?

No. The Crimson Standard is Intercollegiate Athletics’ portion of The Rising Tide 2.0 Capital Campaign. The Crimson Standard had a public launch in July 2019 to highlight its goal of raising $600 million for the future of Alabama Athletics by enhancing the experience for Crimson Tide student-athletes, recruits and fans. Gifts to The Crimson Standard will count as part of The Rising Tide 2.0 Capital Campaign.

Can gifts be made to benefit a specific area of UA?

Yes, we encourage gifts that are most meaningful to the donor. The Rising Tide Capital Campaign recognizes philanthropic gifts to all areas of campus, from academics to athletics, including scholarships, research, faculty support, programming, facilities and more.

Why does UA need private donations?

Philanthropic gifts allow UA to set strategic priorities that would not be attainable relying solely on government funding and tuition. These gifts allow UA to recruit outstanding faculty, attract bright and deserving students, fund innovative research, improve teaching methods, add creative programming and build and maintain facilities.

What kinds of donations can be made?

In addition to outright gifts of cash, checks and online gifts by credit card, there are several other ways for donors to contribute funds to benefit the University. These include convenient recurring gift options through bank draft or UA payroll deduction, multiple-year commitments through pledges and gifts of securities and property, as well as estates and planned gifts. For more information, please visit

Are gifts tax-deductible?

Yes! Gifts to The University of Alabama are tax-deductible to the extent of current IRS regulations.

Whom should be contacted for more information?

Please call Capital Campaign Director Allison Leitner at (205)-348-5535 or email

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