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Bold Ideas

watershed opportunity

The University of Alabama has made a daring commitment to provide reliable water for drinking, agriculture and manufacturing for the world, beginning in our own rural Alabama communities. Through partnerships with the National Water Center and the U.S. Geological Survey, UA is poised to become a national and international leader in the new water economy. This position will help us attract and develop leading minds in the field and provide students an unparalleled experience of research that solves global problems and effects meaningful change.

Transportation Technology

Transportation delivers the necessities and the luxuries of life. It provides an intricately connected network of jobs that fuel our economy. The University of Alabama is the chosen hub of the Alabama Transportation Institute, assembling a nationally recognized team of research and development professionals that seek innovative solutions to the challenges of building and maintaining our transportation system. Through this partnership, we develop the vehicles and roadways of the future, paving the way for our students to pursue cutting-edge careers.

Improving our Campus

There is no greater portrait of our donors’ generosity and resolve than the Performing Arts Academic Center. With its sweeping spaces and transformative classrooms, the PAAC will give our students a premier center stage, welcome prospective students and their families and bring together our community.

The successful Hewson Hall Building Campaign is a stalwart achievement of our donors, who exceeded the $30 million campaign goal within an accelerated timeframe by more than a year. This dynamic facility is an addition of strength to the Culverhouse College of Business—a gathering place that allows students the space to collaborate and faculty the room to expand their research.

Powerful additions such as the PAAC and Hewson Hall will continue to transform our campus while perpetuating the wave of tradition and excellence in the UA experience.

meet our innovative researchers

  • Dr. Hamid Moradkhani

    Dr Moradkhani

    As an endowed professor and leader in water research, Hamid is paving the way for innovative and forward-thinking research, while also serving as a leader and mentor to his engineering students.

  • Dr. Steven Jones

    Dr. David Jones

    As the deputy director of The Alabama Transportation Institute and as a professor in civil engineering, Steven is paving the way for new, innovative ideas in transportation technology to enhance and better the state and nation.

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