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Community Affairs

Since its inception in 2004, The University of Alabama Division of Community Affairs — comprised of the administrative office, the Center for Community-Based Partnerships and the Crossroads Civic Engagement Center — has been the institutional leader in community engagement.

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Letter From The Vice President

Relevance. Reciprocity. Research. Resilience. These four concepts —“The 4 Rs,” as we in Community Affairs call them —summarize how we envision The University of Alabama using its resources and personnel to address issues and solve problems of critical importance to our state and the larger society. How we use The 4 Rs in community-engaged scholarship is having a profound influence on our institution and the communities we work with, and is promoting the integration of the University’s longstanding academic mission of teaching, research and service. This type of scholarship exists at the intersection of these three elements.

Community-engaged scholarship is a collaborative process that creates and disseminates knowledge and creative expression, with the goal of contributing to the discipline and strengthening the well-being of our community. It allows faculty to test hypotheses in real-life settings while providing students with opportunities to practice the academic skills and concepts learned in their fields of study and related courses.

With additional funding from The Rising Tide Capital Campaign, and by collaborating with those in the communities we serve, we will uncover unique opportunities to support the University’s core mission to help improve the quality of life in our communities and beyond.

Thanks and Roll Tide!

Dr. Samory T. Pruitt
Vice President

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