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Graduate School

Elevating tomorrow's leaders for Alabama, the nation, and the world. Doctors, nurses, social workers and mental health professionals; teachers, principals and superintendents; researchers of water, transportation, cybersecurity and life sciences; artists, musicians and journalists; these are just a few examples of the professional roles assumed by graduate degree holders. These roles help reinforce the underpinnings of current society and build the framework for the future. Graduate programs enhance the level of professionalism across our state and our nation. They allow us to shape the future as we train the researchers and leaders of tomorrow, help us attract higher-level research faculty and provide the opportunity for us to touch the lives of those in the generations to come through the impact of UA graduate degree holders.

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Funding Highlights

  • New Frontiers in Science

    UA’s graduate fellowships allow the Capstone to attract and retain the most talented students for our labs and classrooms.

  • Shaping National and Global Policy

    While most graduate students are supported by research assistantships, a fellowship in their final year can propel our top students to new levels of achievement.

  • Changing our Communities

    Nekkita Beans enrolled in UA’s Social Work master’s program with a dedication to making children’s lives better.

Letter From The Dean

The Capstone is proud to train the leaders of today and tomorrow through its offering of more than 150 different master’s, specialist and doctoral degrees. These advanced programs combine cutting-edge research and creative innovation in which the students participate alongside their faculty mentors. Their discoveries help us all address the challenges facing our state, nation and world.

Because of UA’s many assets –a history of grit and determination, an ambitious and growing research agenda and a beautiful campus featuring some of the best scientific equipment in the nation –we can attract the world’s most talented students to our campus. Some pursue their advanced degrees directly after their bachelor’s degree, while others bring years of professional or life experience with them as they retool for the next step in their careers. These graduate students not only contribute to our campus through their teaching or research, but they also reflect well on UA for decades to come as they assume their leadership roles and become legends in their chosen fields.

Other top research universities are also competing to attract these students. We invite you to join us in establishing competitive fellowships, scholarships and professional development programs that will strengthen The University of Alabama’s prominence and ensure that the Capstone is the place these students choose to pursue their goals.

Susan Carvalho

create tomorrow’s leaders