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Student Life

College students today experience many exciting opportunities but they are also enduring more stress than ever before. The weight of recent global events and increased educational expenses place emotional and economic pressure on students and their families. To match these pressures, we at UA Student Life seek philanthropic gifts for scholarships, program support, research and facility enhancements. These gifts will allow our students to better focus on their studies and participate in cocurricular activities that will enrich their student experience at the Capstone. Student Life opportunities promote engaged learning, holistic health and well-being, leadership development and student success. As we support our students through their time on campus, we see The Rising Tide propelling students toward success in their professional and civic lives. The Rising Tide Capital Campaign is a watershed opportunity for alumni, students and families, faculty and staff, patrons and supporters to play a part in shaping our students, and in many cases, changing their trajectory for the better. We have a renewed sense of purpose and a strong vision for the future at the Capstone, investing in key focus areas for a greater tomorrow.

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$15,000,000 Campaign Goal

$11,445,685 Total Raised

76% Progress


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Letter From The Vice President

Improving the Lives of Our Citizens, Families and Communities

The value of a college degree has never been greater than it is right now. The completion of that degree is more than just a collection of classes – it comprises the meaningful and intentional learning opportunities outside of the classroom as well. Students are transformed through this rich learning experience.

Our graduates aspire to realize their greatest potential through a well-rounded foundation developed at the Capstone. They are global citizens who strive to make a positive difference that begins in their local communities and expands across the nation and the world. The Division of Student Life helps to build this foundation through intentional programs and services that cultivate an inclusive campus environment focused on engaged learning, holistic wellness and student success. We strive to create extraordinary, holistic student experiences that complement the academic experience.

We contribute to the development of driven, civil, engaged, creative, solution-focused citizens and leaders. We invite you, through your generosity, to join us in helping our students achieve their goals and creating the next generation of legends.

Dr. Myron Pope
VP of Student Life

Dr. Myron Pope

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