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Expanding Opportunity

One of the College of Arts and Sciences’ goals is to give students all the tools they need to become successful leaders for tomorrow. Whether through outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art resources or financial assistance, the college strives to create an environment where students can grow intellectually, as well as personally, and receive the education needed to leave an impact on the world.

The Carol Sloan and Ernest Adams Fite Endowed Scholarship is one of those tools. Through their financial support, the Fites have left a legacy of encouragement and excellence for scholarship recipients.

During her undergraduate career at UA, Carol Sloan Fite majored in mathematics, while Ernest Adams Fite studied civil engineering. To create a legacy of smart, passionate women in mathematics at the Capstone, the couple established a scholarship to financially support these students.

Last year’s recipient, Amran Primrose, is proud to join this legacy. As a senior majoring in mathematics and on the pre-med track, Amran is setting a foundation to be an innovative medical practitioner, using her passion for mathematics to assist patients with improved quality of life. After completing the required mathematics courses for her initial major, biology, Amran realized she missed the problem-solving aspects of math and wanted to learn more. This passion led her to change her major.

“I like how math is complex, but it also has a final answer,” Amran said. “You have to take steps to get to the final answer, and I love that process, because that’s how life works.”

“I’ve definitely grown as a person,” Amran said. “And I really appreciate all the support I’ve received from the college and the Fites.”

With the help of the Fite Scholarship, Amran is able to focus on math instead of worrying about debt, spending more time with faculty and her peers and growing into the person she hopes to become.

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