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Leading the Nation in Excellence

A crucial educational component students receive through the College of Arts and Sciences is experiential learning, or out-of-classroom experiences, which help students build real-world skills and succeed in an ever-competitive job market.

These scholarships allow our students to maximize their time learning new skills and exploring the world around them while gaining experience in a field that they love.

Scholarships provided through endowments bridge that gap—allowing students to pursue prestigious internships, conduct in-depth research, study abroad or lead community service projects. Scholarships give students the freedom and flexibility to focus their time on the activities that will lead to their greatest success after graduation.

Continued experiential learning opportunities are vital to advancing the success of our students and increasing the impact they have on the world around them.

In recent years, scholarships have allowed our students the opportunity to lead initiatives that increase voter registration and turnout, host interactive art workshops for elementary students, conduct geology field work in the mountains of New Mexico, attend a bioethics conference, perform on stages all around the world and intern everywhere from local court houses to neuroscience centers in Germany.


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