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Endowed Scholarship Helps Launch a Student’s Award-Winning Film Career

The College of Communication and Information Sciences (C&IS) develops global leaders – students who engage in dynamic courses, dive into internships and experiential learning opportunities and network with industry leaders to prepare for their future careers. The college continues to recruit outstanding students, in part by awarding financial gifts to aid them in pursuing their dreams. With access to 196 scholarship opportunities each year, C&IS students have the opportunity to gain financial support while working toward their career goals.

Behind every C&IS scholarship lies an incredible student story. A story each student creates for themselves because of the generous acts of donors and alumni. For Kailey New, a C&IS scholarship was exactly what she needed to propel her in the right direction. Kailey studies creative media and interns for the Center for Public Television (CPT). She was able to get involved early in her educational journey and take advantage of opportunities directly related to the field because of her scholarship. At CPT, Kailey serves in several different roles and works on various projects. Last year, she worked on a team to create a short documentary titled Visual Vernacular, which won an Emmy Award in September 2020.

Three years into her C&IS experience, Kailey has a portfolio full of impressive work, an Emmy Award and is working on directing her very own short film. She credits her success to the experience she has gained through her internship with CPT.

“CPT gives students hands-on experience in the field. We learn how to use equipment, edit film and how to professionally communicate with a client,” she said. “I compared my videos from high school to videos I made after only one year of C&IS classes and CPT training, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up at the realization of how much I have improved. The opportunities I have received through CPT have led to us winning an Emmy and working on a documentary I am very proud of.”

Kailey received the Judy Stone Weaver Center for Public Television and Radio Endowed Scholarship, which is awarded to a student alongside the intern position. She believes that this scholarship, in particular, helped her focus and better prepare for her future.

“A student’s creative destiny should not be ignored because of a lack of money,” Kailey said. “Being able to attend a university that cares so much about setting students up for success is incredible. Students in C&IS work very hard, and scholarships help us get a step closer to a bright future.”

The Judy Stone Weaver endowed scholarship is just one example of how generous gifts from C&IS donors help fund student success both inside and outside of the classroom. When students come to the College of Communication and Information Sciences, they are encouraged to create their own unique story. For Kailey New, her story has only just begun—albeit with an Emmy in hand.