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Immersive Learning Environments

Simulation laboratories are a hallmark of state-of-the-art nursing education. These immersive environments replicate real-world experiences of professional nurses. To continue providing enriching simulated learning experiences, the Capstone College of Nursing must maintain leading-edge equipment and lab resources to stay abreast of the latest treatment innovations.

“The nursing profession is always evolving, making equipment and simulator maintenance a leading priority for the Capstone College of Nursing.Current technology and higher adaptability allows students to strengthen assessment skills and recognize physiological changes quicker than with our previous simulation technologies,” said Heather Cole, CCN Simulation Specialist.

“Furthermore, our building expansion drew attention to the need for more task trainers and simulators to accommodate a greater number of students and replace equipment damaged from wear over time.For this reason we recently purchased over 70 new task trainers, two additional low-fidelity simulators and a new high-fidelity pediatric simulator.”

From birthing labs to those addressing end-of-life care, students have opportunities to practice their nursing skills in a safe and monitored environment while gaining valuable feedback through the process.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a global sense of urgency and an essential need for innovative teaching strategies from nurse educators.Restricted access to clinical sites has caused limited opportunities for direct patient care; however, simulation-based learning has ensured that students are still being trained in the midst of a pandemic,” said Cole. “We are grateful for the opportunities that our simulators provide for our students, especially during these unprecedented times.”

Immersive Learning environments

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